“Sharlene, you have Multiple Sclerosis” he said with a gentle tone.  Tears immediately welled up. “What do you mean I have MS?” I kept asking myself over and over again. I was in a state of shock. The only person I knew at the time with MS used a cane and her speech was impaired.  “Is this my future? No…that’s not going to be me!” 

I was 32 when I was diagnosed.  I had developed double vision weeks before and after a visit to an Ophthalmologist, I was told I should see a Neurologist.  In a matter of a month, my life changed forever.  I had just gotten married and had the rest of my life planned out with Franco.  We had just bought a house and starting a family was in our immediate horizon.

My Neurologist called it “benign” MS and suggested a number of MS medications that involved using a needle (e.g., Copaxone) to start on right away.  At the time, I knew nothing about my body; how or why this could have happened to me or if there were ways to approach MS non-traditionally.  But that was about to change.  If I told you that my conversion to a natural, superfood-based diet happened overnight and went off without a glitch, I would be lying to you.

What ultimately did it for me, however, was when I became pregnant.  It’s amazing how acute one’s awareness for nutrition becomes when you realize everything you put in your body affects this beautiful life inside you. You can say that my children saved my life throughout this time because they forced me – before they were even born – to see my health in a totally different way.

Over the years, I became my own advocate for health as I changed my diet to be heavily based on superfoods.  I became so convinced that a diet extremely rich in superfoods could change – if not save – one’s life, that I left my career to devote my life to the creation of Nurish and helping people take back their health.

As for MS, it would be another five years before I would see my Neurologist for a check-up.  He was so amazed at my health despite not being on Copaxone.  Mind you, I wasn’t cured of MS but my MRI had actually shown a diminishing of the brain lesions that are symptomatic of this ugly disease. I’ve been to him four times since my diagnosis 18 years ago, and despite the fact that I’ve been labeled as their “poster child” of MS, I just can’t seem to get him to see the huge role nutrition has played in my recovery.  Sadly, that’s been my experience with most doctors. If it can’t be treated with prescriptions you can’t pronounce or that have side effects more dangerous than the illness you are taking them for, than it must not be worth their time.  I thank God every day that I made time for superfoods. 

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